Passenger Flow Management

Queue monitoring and prevention

Sensors equipped with a 3D camera and an advanced data analysis system. We reduce waiting times whilst ensuring security and privacy.

Xovis is the queue monitoring and prevention system introduced at Fiumicino Airport in 2017 to optimise the monitoring of passenger flows at security and passport gates.

Obiettivi e Soluzioni
To monitor passenger traffic in real time whilst respecting privacy and anonymity
The sensors of the XOVIS system are equipped with 3D cameras that capture passengers from above and behind. The system recognises passenger silhouettes and creates a pattern of movement.
To calculate waiting times
XOVIS technology monitors the fill level of the area, open lines and the rate of passenger flow. Thanks to the large amount of data gathered over time, the waiting times at the time of monitoring are specifically defined and forecasts are made regarding their evolution.
To optimise the use of resources
The real-time monitoring of passenger flows in specific areas enables interventions in the event of overcrowding and an assessment how best to allocate resources in order to carry out daily airport operations.
Act in real time, build a data-driven strategy

The XOVIS system provides a clear view of the status of passenger flows by supporting:

1) immediate and timely corrective actions 
2) a reshaping of the strategy based on data gathered over time