Airport Operation Plan

Real-time control of airport operations

The philosophy of the AOP is the full sharing of information that enables all airport stakeholders to move in a coordinated manner in the same direction.

The AOP - Airport Operation Plan - is the enabling system for the APOC (Airport Operation Center), the future single coordination room in which all stakeholders (ADR, carriers, handlers) will be able to synergistically and holistically manage and monitor the main airport processes, both those related to flight operations and those relating to passenger flows within the terminals.

Obiettivi e Soluzioni
To gather traffic demand in the long, medium and short term and support the optimisation of the use of airport capacity (Airside and Landside).
A tool that enables the control, in real time, of both the flow of aircraft and passengers inside and outside of the terminal.
To monitor KPI trends and provide alerts when efficiency decreases in order to optimise the execution of operations.
A tool for guaranteeing the highest levels of quality to passengers in terms of flight punctuality and comfort during check-in, security checks and boarding.
To define the set of airport performance indicators (KPIs) in coordination with the various stakeholders operating at Fiumicino.
A tool that enables the efficiency of airport operations through the sharing of unique indicators updated in real time. Ensures the necessary responsiveness to unforeseen events, whether internal to the airport or external. Enables preventive action to be taken based on forecast information.
The airport at your fingertips

Enables all airport stakeholders to always have an accurate and updated situational awareness in real time of every aspect of current and future operations. AOP enables all the corrective and/or preventive actions deemed necessary to solve and/or especially avoid critical issues to be undertaken and governed.